(e,2e) and Related Processes, 265 (1993)

Energy Loss and (e,2e) Studies of Molecules on Surfaces

in "(e,2e) and Related Processes", eds. C.T. Whelan, H.R.J. Walters, A. Lahmam-Bennani and H. Ehrhardt (Kluwer, The Netherlands, 1993), p. 265
R.E. Palmer

This paper surveys some recent studies of low energy electron scattering by molecules on surfaces. The distinction between the physisorption (weak binding) regime and the chemisorption (strong binding) regime is illustrated by electron energy loss spectra and inelastic scattering cross-sections for physisorbed O2 on graphite and chemisorbed O2 on Pt(111). These considerations form a basis for a discussion of the prospects for (e,2e) and related experiments on adsorbed molecules.

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