Proc. JRCAT Int. Symp. Atom. Technol., 165 (1996)

Experimental Studies of Surface Modification and Cluster Deposition

Proceedings of the '96 JRCAT International Symposium on Atom Technology, 165 - 168 (1996)
I.M. Goldby, G.M. Francis, L. Kuipers, B. von Issendorff and R.E. Palmer

Size-selected atomic clusters can be regarded as new building blocks for the fabrication of nanostructured materials. This short paper will summarise our first experimental studies of the deposition and self-organisation of mass-selected metal clusters on surfaces as a function of cluster size, kinetic energy and deposition rate. We will focus on the case of Ag clusters, containing ~ 20 - 300 atoms, deposited on graphite. Such studies are essential for the future technological applications of atomic clusters.

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