Proc. MRS, 584, In Press (1999)

Systematic Studies of Fullerene Derivative Electron Beam Resists

Presented at: MRS Fall Symposium 1999

Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc., Vol. 584, eds. L. Merhari et al (Materials Research Society, Pennsylvania, USA, 2000), p. 115 - 120
A.P.G. Robinson, R.E. Palmer, T. Tada, T. Kanayama, E.J. Shelley, D. Philp, and J.A. Preece

We report systematic studies of the response of C60 derivatives to electron beam irradiation. Films of fourteen different mono, tris and tetra adduct methanofullerene C60 derivatives were produced by spin coating on hydrogen terminated silicon substrates. Exposure of the films to a 20 keV electron beam substantially altered the dissolution rate of the derivative films in organic solvents such as monochlorobenzene. All of the derivatives exhibited negative tone resist behaviour with sensitivities between ~ 8.5 x 10-4 and ~ 4 x 10-3 C/cm2, much higher than that of C60. Features with widths of ~ 20 nm were produced using these compounds, and the etch ratios of the compounds were found to be more than twice those of a standard novolac based resist (SAL601).

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