Inst. Phys. Conf. Series, No. 168, 421 (2001)

TEM investigations of industrial Pt/graphite catalyst systems: image processing and particle shapes

Presented at: Electron Microscopy and Analysis 2001

Institute of Physics Conference Series, No. 168, 421 - 424 (2001)
S.C. Weller, R.E. Palmer, P.D. Nellist and J. Gillies

Industrial platinum on graphite catalysts, prepared by salt deposition from aqueous solution, have been examined using transmission electron microscopy. The resulting micrographs show a mixture of dendritic metal islands, and smaller (1-4nm diameter) spherical islands. An image processing technique has been developed to subtract the graphite backgrounds, allowing the images to be made binary. The dendricity of a particle is then characterised by the formfactor, a measure derived from the TEM images, thus a quantitative comparison between the different, highly irregular, industrial catalyst samples is made feasible.

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