Inst. Phys. Conf. Series, No. 161, 545 (1999)

HRTEM studies of the aggregation of size-selected Ag cluster deposited onto graphite

Presented at: Electron Microscopy and Analysis 1999

Institute of Physics Conference Series, No. 161, 545 (1999)
M. Couillard, S. Pratontep, m. Streun, R.E. Palmer and P.D. Nellist

Size-selected nanometre scale Ag clusters have been softly deposited onto graphite. The resulting structures were then observed using transmission electron microscopy. Both Ag1100 and Ag5000 clusters were found to diffuse and aggregate. Clusters with 1100 atoms sinter rapidly to result, one day after the deposition, in coalesced clusters with a broad size distribution. The coalescence of clusters with 5000 atoms does not start immediately, resulting initially in aggregated islands where each deposited cluster can still be identified. After three weeks, coalescence is seen to have occurred to form large clusters containing many randomly oriented grains.

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