Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 3, 17 (2004)

Electron beam writing in nanoparticle films

in "Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology", 3, ed. H.S. Nalwa (American Scientific Publishers, USA, 2004) p. 17 - 28
Y. Chen and R.E. Palmer

In recent years significant progress has been made in creating a variety of functional, nanometer-scale architectures, such as molecular-scale wires and switches, molecular-scale transistors based on nanotubes, and semiconductor nanowires. Even logic circuits, constructed from individual carbon nanotube molecules and semiconductor wires have been reported, presenting dramatic advances towards the realization of nanoelectronics and especially nanocomputers.

The main challenge to the advance of molecular-scale electronics from the single-device level to the circuit level lies in the assembling together of the component devices, each of which must be addressable. Fabrication techiques coping with the size region from the nanometer to the micrometer are essential to assemble the nanocomponents and link them to the macroscopic world. Here we introduce one of these techniques, namely, electorn beam (e-beam) writing in passivated nanoparticle films.

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