Electron Collisons, 234 (1994)

Electron Scattering by Oriented Molecules on Surfaces

in "Electron Collisions with Molecules, Clusters and Surfaces", eds. H. Ehrhardt and L.A. Morgan (Plenum, New York, 1994), p. 243
R.E. Palmer

This paper presents a brief review of recent experimental studies of low energy electron scattering by molecules oriented by adsorption on well-defined solid surfaces, with emphasis on vibrational excitation via the formation of intermediate negative ion resonance states. In particular, it is shown that the high lying sigma shape resonance is manifest in inelastic scattering by a variety of small molecules (e.g. N2, CO, O2, NO), and that the angular distributions of electrons scattered via this state reflect the orientation of the molecule on the surface. A particular case study, physisorbed O2/Pt(111), is considered in some detail. Here the excitation of low frequency molecule-surface vibrational modes is observed in addition to the intramolecular vibration and its overtones, and the implications of such measurements for the investigation of the potential energy surface describing the molecule-surface interaction are discussed.

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