Comm. At. Mol. Phys., 30, 77 (1994)

Low Energy Resonance Electron Scattering by Oriented Molecules on Surfaces

Comments in Atomic and Molecular Physics, 30, No. 2, 77 - 92 (1994)
R.E. Palmer

The creation of negative ion resonance states in low energy electron scattering by free molecules is well known. The aim of this paper is to explore the manifestation of resonant processes in electron scattering by oriented molecules adsorbed on well-defined surfaces. Both molecular vibrational excitation (as observed in high resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy) and dissociative electron attachment (as evident in electron stimulated desorption studies) will be considered. Two particular themes of the review are (i) the relationship between the properties of the resonance state and the structure of the adsorbed molecule and (ii) the competing channels into which the resonance state can decay on the surface.

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