Appointment as Visiting Professor in China
19 August 2016

NPRL News is delighted to announce the appointment of Quanmin Guo as Visiting Professor in the School of Physics and Information Technology at Shaanxi Normal University, Xi’an (home of the famous Terracotta Warriors!). Quanmin will contribute to the setting up of a new Low-dimensional Condensed Matter Physics Research Laboratory in collaboration with Prof Jianzhi Gao and Prof Feng Yin (both NPRL Alumni!). The picture shows Vice President of the University, Prof. Zupei Yang, presenting the official letter of appointment to Quanmin today. Also present was vice president of Tsinghua University, Prof Qikun Xue (recently awarded the Future Science and Technology Prize of China). The Ceremony followed a three-day Surface Science Forum at the University, which included speakers from the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Peking University, amongst many others, as well as exhibitors from several surface science companies. Thus the reach of NPRL continues to extend! Many congratulations, Quanmin!