A Kaleidoscope of Clusters
21 October 2015

It seems that no self-respecting PhD student in the NPRL can be content without a journal cover these days! Latest to feature, on the cover of PCCP, is Caroline Blackmore’s kaleidoscope of aberration-corrected STEM images of size-selected Pt-Ti nanoclusters. Unexpectedly the platinum atoms form the core of the nanoparticle – sometimes several cores in fact, especially as the cluster size increases. Probably the cause is oxidation of the titanium after removal from the cluster source, which draws titanium to the surface and promotes condensation of the platinum atoms – but that’s another story (and another NPRL news item…?). Congratulations to Caroline on the paper. Only one problem, the journal replaced her green image background with a delicate shade of black; never mind, you can't win them all!