Year Ends with Five New Grants
11 December 2015

It’s not exactly cheap to run a Lab like the NPRL so success in winning grants or contracts is always something to be celebrated! This year good news came in 5 forms. Innanopart is a European project on nanoparticle metrology led by Alex Shard at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and NPRL is delighted to be a member; our joint NPRL-NPL PhD student Saeed is in the centre of the picture. PharmIDaBall (what a name!) is a UK project on nanoparticles for pharmaceuticals, again led by NPL (Caterina Minelli, Andy Wain). In this case the joint PhD student is Patrick (left). The Lab’s excellent collaboration with Johnson Matthey (Peter Bishop, Peter Ellis) continues with a new joint PhD student on the EPSRC CASE scheme (Ross, right). At the same time JM’s access contract to our aberration-corrected ac-STEM (Dogan Ozkaya) has been extended into 2016 (when JM will open their own ac-STEM facility – that’s knowledge transfer in action!). Finally, contract negotiations with Brussels on the big new Crit-Cat project are in progress – but more on that later. These new contracts add to Richard’s EPSRC Fellowship, the EU Marie Curie CATSENSE training Network led by Leuven (Peter Lievens), NanoMILE (the EU nano-environment project led by Eva Valsami-Jones in GEES) and our Leverhulme grant as the resource basis for Richard’s group going into 2016. And of course they all provide for continuing collaboration with excellent partners. Now all we have to do is deliver the science and the technology…