Hollywood Clusters
Tuesday 21 April 2015

The Cover of today’s issue of Nanoscale features a new cast of Hollywood stars – Au561, Au742 and Au923 clusters – with cinematography courtesy of the aberration-corrected STEM. The plot of the movie is adapted from George Orwell’s 1984: all nanostructures are metastable but some are more metastable than others. Directed by Dawn Wells and produced by Richard, the screenplay reveals that size-selected Au561 and Au742 clusters are locked onto the smaller seed structures which are formed as the clusters grow from the liquid state (“template growth”). A hierarchy of competing, metastable isomers is disclosed. Invaluable CGI support came from the Genoa studio of Riccardo Ferrando and Giulia Rossi by way of molecular dynamics animations. Dawn has been nominated for a best director Oscar.