300 up, hardly Spartan…
Saturday 12 May 2012

NPRL News is delighted to note a publication milestone – Web of Knowledge now shows 300 papers under Richard’s name! We asked the author for some comments on the achievement:

NPRL News: So, how does it feel to publish 300 papers?

REP: Of course it’s satisfying but what’s most important is not the number of publications per se but quality, originality and a sense of adventure…

NPRL News: Is it really 300?

REP:Well, since you ask… there are some articles WoK does not capture (such as book chapters – at least, not yet) and at the same time it also seems to include the occasional abstract you would not include on your publication list. The real number is 314, as it happens.

NPRL News: And now the obvious question – which are the most important papers on the list?

REP: That’s easy – the most important papers are always the next 3, not the last 300!

To see the list of 300, search for Palmer RE with address ‘Birmingham or Cavendish’ on Web of Knowledge.