Nanoman reaches out to Bavarian schools
3 February 2016

NPRL is delighted to be assisting the Bavarian Nanotechnology Cluster in Germany to promote their outreach program to schools in the state. The “Cluster Nanotechnology” was founded in 2006 in order to better exploit the enormous potential of nanotechnology and is supported by the Bavarian state government. The Cluster promotes cooperation between the research and economic sectors in nanotechnology, and also introduces students and teachers to the field. The Cluster organizes a school competition for nanotechnology projects every year and to advertise the competition they create a poster with an interesting picture from the nano area. This year they have chosen our Nanoman to follow last year’s poster offering, which was Don Eigler’s nano corral. Asked by NPRL News for a comment, Nanoman responded in characteristically laconic fashion “It’s good to know that we old timers from the pioneer days haven’t been forgotten by the young generation”. After all, he is nearly 20…