NPRL Inventions: Innovative Instruments and Materials for Nanotechnology

The NPRL is making available several patented inventions to the wider research and technology community. We are happy to discuss instrument sales (via Alta Innovations, the University’s IPR and sales company) as well as opportunities for IPR licensing, marketing and development.


1. Established Instruments and Processes

For enquiries about the Lateral Time-of-Flight mass spectrometer (mass range > 5 million Daltons, transmission > 50%; for nanocluster or macromolecular size selection, nanoparticle analysis, etc) please contact William Terry (

For enquiries about the magnetron sputtering/gas condensation nanocluster beam source (1nA current, mass resolution >100; for cluster science, catalysis, magnetics, semiconductor photonics, etc) please contact William Terry (

For enquiries about our method for processing deposited, size-selected clusters into nanostructured powders (for catalysis, etc) please contact Ross Griffin (

2. Instruments in Development

For enquiries about the Scanning Probe Energy Loss Spectrometer (SPELS) including UHV STM (for 10nm scale surface analysis, nanoplasmonics, metamaterials etc) please contact Dr Shane Murphy (S.

For enquiries about the planned 1 microamp MACS cluster beam source (under development) please contact William Terry (

3. Strategic Partnerships

If you are interested in discussing possible strategic IPR licensing, marketing or development partnerships please contact John Pearson ( John is our man in Alta Innovations, the University of Birmingham’s IPR company.

4. Spin-out Companies

The successful results of previous company formation and licensing deals include:

Inanovate ( biochips and reader for bio-marker discovery, early stage cancer detection, etc.

Irresistible Materials ( chemically amplified molecular resists for EUV and e-beam lithography, also hardmasks.