Nanoscale Physics Image Gallery

These images provide a flavour of the research conducted within the Nanoscale Physics Research Laboratory. They are arranged according to the three main research programs of the lab: nanostructured surfaces, molecular manipulation and nanofabrication. To see a larger image click on the picture in question. For more details on the research conducted within our group please see the List of Research Projects and the Publication List.

Nanostructured surfaces

cluster source cluster source STM images of an array of size-selected gold nanoclusters (Au17) pinned to the graphite surface. The clusters are deposited from a novel cluster beam source.
clusters clusters Cluster beam source used to generate size-selected nanoclusters of different materials for deposition onto a surface. The instrument incorporates a novel mass filter (international patents granted.)
clusters clusters Using aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy coupled with imaging simulation, the size, shape, orientation and atomic arrangement of specially prepared size-selected gold nanoclusters have been determined to single-atom resolution.
protein on clusters prontein on clusters Liquid phase AFM image showing protein molecules (GroEL chaperonins) immobilised on the graphite surface by an array of size-selected gold nanoclusters (Au55), as illustrated by the schematic diagram.
TEM image TEM image 3D images of a stack of ordered layers of passivated gold nanoparticles (diameter ~nm) obtained by annular dark field (ADF) imaging in the Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (STEM).
SPELS instrument SPELS instrument The Scanning Probe Energy Loss Spectrometer (SPELS) is a novel instrument (U.S patent granted) developed to obtain local spectroscopic information from surfaces on the 10nm scale, as well as STM images. An STM tip operated in field electron emission mode provides a nanoscale electron beam source for Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS).
mass spectrometer mass spectrometer The lateral time-of-flight mass filter design originally invented for cluster beam deposition is now employed in a novel instrument for biomolecular analysis and atmospheric nanoparticle detection.

Molecular Manipulation

Goldfingers Goldfingers Room temperature manipulation of the Au(111) surface. The local electric field generated by an STM tip produces a parallel set of nanoscale "gold fingers", which are drawn out from the original step-edge.
Atomic manipulation Atomic manipulation Bond-selective single molecule dissociation with the STM at room temperature. Electron Injection from the STM tip initiates C-Cl bond dissociation in individual chlorobenzene molecules chemically bound to the Si(111)-7x7 surface.
Laser experiment Laser experiment New attosecond laser experiment to investigate electron dynamics in molecules and nanostructures in real time.


C60 resists tip fabrication Functionalised fullerene molecules (left) are one of two new families of molecular resist materials developed for electron beam lithography (international patents granted). Fabrication of nanoscale devices is focussed on nanotip structures for electron sources and detectors, such as the co-axial electron source (right).
nanoman nanoman "Nanoman" was created by focussed electron beam deposition on the tip of an STM - an illustration of 3D nanostructure fabrication with a precision of 10nm.