Vision Statement

The goal of the Nanoscale Physics Research Laboratory is to advance the frontiers of the physics, chemistry and technology of nanometre-scale structures, devices and processes. The establishment of this new Laboratory represents a major investment by the University of Birmingham in an area widely regarded both as a frontier of science and as a foundation for the optical, electrical and chemical technologies of the 21st century.

The Laboratory is directed by the Professor of Experimental Physics, Richard E Palmer, and forms part of the School of Physics and Astronomy. An interdisciplinary and international approach is central to the ethos of the Laboratory; collaborations with other Schools (Chemistry, Materials, Electrical Engineering etc) are enhanced by their proximity on the University campus and the Laboratory sustains international collaborations with approximately 20 laboratories in Europe, Japan and worldwide.

The research targets of the Laboratory are reflected in three major research programs:

  • Physics and applications of size-selected nanoparticles (clusters), including optical and electronic properties, e.g. single electron tunnelling.
  • Atomic-scale modification of surfaces with electrons and femtosecond laser light (including self-assembly and single molecule manipulation).
  • Fabrication of nanoscale sensors and devices (including the nano-nose, light emitting nanopillars, scanning probe energy loss spectrometer).

The Nanoscale Physics Research Laboratory is committed to establishing and consolidating strong links with industrial partners, in order to optimise the transfer of new concepts and technology from the research laboratory into opportunities for wealth creation and improvements to the environment.

Professor Richard E Palmer