Business Opportunities

Up to date patent infomation is now available in the patents database

Welcome to the Nanoscale Physics Research Laboratory Business Opportunities web page. With so many industrial links it is not surprising that much of the fundamental research is now leading to commercial exploitation. We are offering unique opportunities for strategic collaborations and partnerships in all aspects of the laboratories research interests, covering the breadth of an industry expected to have greater impact on our society than both semiconductor and biotechnology industries combined. Full patent documents can be supplied on request. The Nanoscale Physics Research Laboratories hold patents covering six distinct areas:

There is obvious synergy between these areas, for example, the source innovations will be used in next generation semiconductor tools as will the SPELS instrument.

If any patent description is of interest we can offer the following, and will be happy to discuss the appropriate route to meet your individual or company needs:

  • Licence Options - Sole, Exclusive, non exclusive and buying futures
  • Strategic Alliances - Applied and strategic research for patent exploitation

For further information see the patents database or contact:

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