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Nanostructured Surfaces Briefing Workshop
Second Institute of Materials Briefing Workshop on
Nanomaterials & Nanotechnology

June the 21st, 2002, 1 Day Meeting

The Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology Group of the Institute of Materials is holding a one day meeting, as part of a series, hosted by the Nanoscale Physics Research Laboratory at the University of Birmingham, on 21 June 2002.

The invited oral presentations will focus on the science and applications of nanostructured surfaces, and will feature talks by the host Laboratory and academic and industrial collaborators.It is also hoped that a panel discussion of industrial applications of Nanostructured surfaces can be included. The oral programme will be made available here at the end of April.

Poster presentations on all related fields are welcomed from the participants. It will not be necessary to submit an abstract in advance. The poster boards are 80 cm (32 inches) wide and 110 cm (44 inches) high. Posters will be affixed with velco tabs which will be supplied if necessary. Lunch will be taken in the poster room, which will provide an extended period for discussion of the presented work.

Practical Arrangements
The meeting will be held in the Small Lecture Theatre and the Bridge Study Room, at theSchool of Physics and Astronomy, beginning at 11.20am. All those interested interested in Nanomaterials and Nanoscience are cordially invited to attend and participate in the poster session and the discussions. The meeting will be informal and it is hoped that there will be lively discussion. There will be no proceedings.

Directions to the School of Physics can be found here. The Poynting Physics building is labelled 34 on the map. Further directions for travel to the University by private and public transport are also available.

The registration fee of 20 includes lunch and refreshments. Registrations can be made via this online form or by emailing the meeting secretary at

Please note, due to the forthcoming World Cup fixture, between Brazil and England, the start of the Workshop has been moved back by 1 hour.

Programme of speakers and topics

(10:20 Optional Lab Tour)

11:20 Arrival, Coffee & Posters

11:50 Welcome and Overview: Nanostructured Surfaces - from Physics to Proteomics
Professor R.E. Palmer Birmingham (Phys)

12:15 Simulation of Cluster Impact with Surfaces
Professor R. Smith Loughborough

12:40 Nanostructured Silicon for Medical Applications
Professor L. Canham Psimedica/Birmingham

13:05 Lunch & Posters

14:20 The Storage of Hydrogen in Nanostructured Materials
Professor P.P. Edwards FRS Birmingham (Chem)

14:45 Bonding of Molecules on Semiconductor Surfaces: towards molecular nanomachines
Professor G. Dujardin Orsay

15:10 Novel Materials for Nanolithography
Dr A.P.G. Robinson Birmingham (Phys)

15:25 Short Break

15:35 Molecular Monolayers
Dr Q. Guo Birmingham (Phys)

15:50 Towards Colloid-Based Vertical Nanoscale Devices
Dr A.J. Parker Birmingham (Elec Eng)

16:05 Fabrication of Metallic Nanowires from Passivated Nanoparticles
Dr Y. Chen Birmingham (Phys)

16:20 Panel Discussion - Applications of Nanostructures

16:40 Tea & Posters (+Optional tour of the Host Lab)

Organising Committee: R.E. Palmer, Y. Chen, J. Plaza, A.P.G. Robinson

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